Young TV Host Carlo Lorenzo didn’t start out hankering for the kelieg lights. His father wanted him to become a doctor. But Carlo was already starting to take his first tentative steps towards the broadcast media.

Aside from winning medals in Math quizzes during his elementary days in Lourdes School, Carlo also bagged various medals and awards for art contests in and outside campus. He continued to reap awards and prizes in art contests while a high school student in the Ateneo de Manila University, aside from being a member of the Ateneo glee Club.

When he enrolled in a pre-med course at the University of the Philippines, he was so busy with waxing songs, singing in contests, guesting on TV shows and doing on-cam jobs for corporate audio-video presentations that he found it difficult to continue his pre-med course.

But upon shifting to Broadcast Communication, Carlo knew he was on the right track. He came under the tutelage of giants in the industry, like the Probe Team’s Cheche Lazaro. Though he has shown a talent for singing and for acting, Carlo says that at this point, he wants to concentrate on hosting TV programs.

For Carlo, hosting a TV show is an exciting experience. "I enjoy doing this work," he said. "I get to learn new things and I also get a chance to help people." He narrates that whenever someone tells him that they have learned something from Carlo’s segment on mornings@gma, he feels happy knowing that he was able to touch the life of another person.

"I also developed self-discipline and time management," he said, narrating how as a segment producer, host and scriptwriter for mornings@gma, there were times he as called to perform all three tasks almost simultaneously.