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standard packages

Once we've determined your needs, we'd prefer to quote you a custom packaged price, but we have some sample packages to start from. Please think of them as guidelines.

the personal site

Our personal website package is 5 pages. It includes 5 scanned images, as much text as you can fit in, and up to ten links to your favorite sites. we'll scan, color adjust, and convert five of your images into fast loading jpegs. If you have images ready on disc, we'll put on a few for free.

We will "park" your website either on your current internet service's computers, or one of the free parking services like GeoCities and Tripod. In fact, we can make a personal website for you and get you an email address, even if you don't have an internet service subscription.

There is no maintenance fee for personal websites. We will just charge you for updates at our low additional page rates.


the enhanced site

This package is just a bit more that the personal site, with 10 pages, 20 scanned images, and a custom header banner for your page. Also, Intermediate sites are keyword search enabled, which means that their chances of being found on the internet are much higher. We will also list your site with the major search engines. Again, if it is personal in nature, then we can put it on one of the free servers.


the small business site

The small business site is 20 pages. It includes 40 scanned images, a treatment of your logo for a banner style masthead for every page, and a custom button bar to help users find their way around your pages. You can choose anything from our library of clip art. We will also give your pages an attractive background. Small business sites are keyword search enabled, and registered with the major search engines.

But the heart of our small business plan is consulting and helping you plan your attack on the internet

We will "park" your website on your internet service provider's computer, but you might want to consider parking it on our commercial service in the US, which we can arrange for a surprisingly reasonable monthly fee.

We don't have fixed rate for maintenance. We'll talk to you and help you decide what amount of continuous update will keep your visitors coming back, and negotiate a fair price.


the corporate website

We can work with your marketing and PR staff to make an extremely cost effective means of extending their efforts onto the internet. We can help your staff see what the internet can do for you, and help you make the internet an effective tool.

Our basic corporate website includes up to 45 pages, and more importantly, a smooth user interface which will help your visitor get what they want quickly. The package includes up to 50 scanned images, creation of a masthead using integrating your logo on every page, and a custom button bar to help your visitors navigate. We will convert up to twenty of your images on disc, and the corporate website includes an animated image and a custom background. In addition, we will put a reply form on your site for immediate customer feedback. Corporate sites are keyword search enabled, and registered with the major search engines. Larger packages are available.

Again, we don't have a fixed maintenance charge. We'll work with you and help you determine the amount of change that your visitors will demand, or perhaps plan your website changes along the lines of your major projects.


These packages are really just guidelines. If you want a website, we will tailor a package to fit your needs and your budget.

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