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search engines

Once your site is done, of course you'll want to let the world know that you have arrived. All of our professional sites come with registration to the top ten search engines, and seven smaller search engines. (Every single page on your site has individualized search keywords and descriptions for the search engine "robots.") We do this by hand, which is far more effective than any of the automated registration services. Each search engine asks slightly different questions, and a human can answer them a bit better than an algorithm. The results are more effective. Experts agree on this.

We will register your site with AltaVista, Yahoo, Excite, Webcrawler, StartingPoint, Northern Light, HotBot, Lycos, Netfind, GoTo, Infoseek, What-u-seek, magellan, planetsearch, Galaxy, Jayde, Northern Light, and if your site is Filipino, we will also submit it to Yehey and

Some of the advertised registration services say, for instance, that they will register your site with 650 search engines. Honestly, if you want to do this, go ahead. But do you know more than 20 search engines? Some of these new obscure search engines, by the way, end up generating spam to fill your mailbox.

However registering your site will generate some unwanted email. This is inevitable - take the good with the bad. It actually isn't that many emails, less than a dozen a month if we do your registration by hand and are careful about it. Your site will also generate good email from people you never would have met otherwise, which is the point of all this. However, there are specialist spammers who will send you email tailored to the concerns of the new website owner. We've reprinted a letter especially about this by Shari Thurow, who also runs a website design company.


Of course, you are in the best position to promote your site, since search engines can only do so much. The first thing you should do is send email to all of your associates about your new website. It's better if you send individualized letters, but you can send everyone the same one if you're too busy for that. you should also include the URL for your site in your email signature file.


One of the better ways to generate qualified traffic for your site is to have links to your site from other sites. The internet being what it is, you have to give away something before you can get something in return, and the way to get links to your site is to put links on your site to other sites. Once you've done this, you can ask your contacts at the site you've linked to link their site back to you. Most places will be glad to do so, especially if they maintain a separate links page.

banner advertising

It's not for everybody, but you can also advertise your site with banner advertising on other sites. you can pay outright for this, do direct trades with other sites, or perhaps sign up for Link Exchange and have a banner like this on your site:


You'll want to include your URL in all of your printed materials, from business cards and letterhead to press releases and advertising. Many trade magazines still consider a new website worthy of a news item, and you should use the press to your best advantage. If you've never done a press release, we'll help you put one together.

Now that your site is done and everyone knows about it, it's time to talk about maintaining it.

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