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extra pages

An extra page is just that- another page of your text on the format we've developed for you. Our definition of a page is one computer screen, easily enough. However, if you give us text on disc (please "save as" word 2X, text only, or RTF format) we'll count even pretty long documents as just one page. For links pages, we are pretty strict about charging per page, since it takes a bit more work. But we still charge the same per page rate.


We have an old UMAX PowerLook with transparency adapter, which is a lot nicer than many of the new cheap ones that you'll find at the mall. getting a good scan, however, is an art, and one that we've gotten pretty good at with our years of print graphics. Then, we'll do a couple of tricks to the scan to make it as small, bytewise, as possible for fast loading when someone finds your site.

custom icon/button

Maybe you want a custom graphic or button. Most of our buttons are custom, which is nice because it allows absolute control over how they look, so you can make them mach your log and the rest of your artwork. This price is for small art. Larger art such as photocomposites and the like will be quoted.

animated gifs

Our basic animated gif is 10 images compressed into one animated piece. This price is for a small animation. You don't want a bigger one, unless it's a banner.


We will make custom forms for your visitors to fill out. This includes a NT CGI script at the server that will convert such responses into easily readable email directly to your staff.


We will make a custom guestbook for your site with 9 simple response lines and a single large text area for your site. Custom graphic not included.

hit counter

If you host your site on our server, we include a basic hit counter on the first page for free. If you want to upgrade the quality of information about hits on your page to include detailed information about who is hitting your site, we can program that, with only a nominal additional monthly fee.


Want to trade links with other websites? We can make an attractive, fast loading banner like the one below for your site.

mapped banner/buttons

You might want your page to have a custom graphic "mapped" so that certain areas are clickable. This popular because it is standard old fashioned HTML, which means it always works, and because it is the only solution for making some creative ideas. clickable.

JavaScript rollover buttons

These are the kind of buttons that change when you drag your mouse over them, and then change again when you click on them. On our end, this entails making three sets of buttons and layering on the programming, which is time consuming, so actually it's a pretty good deal.

Domain Name Registration (DNS)

If you want your company's address to be (assuming it is available) the name needs to be registered with Internic. Their charge is $100 for the first two years, and $50 per year thereafter. There is an additional fee of $100 for processing this address and placing it on our server. For .com/.org/, the initial fee is P1,500. Names for .ph domains are readily available, but please note that you must have an office in the Philippines to reserve one.

High speed hosting

Since we rent a large space on our server, we can resell space at a discount to you. Websites are not large at all, and 1mb will hold the majority of sites. For more information, check our page about maintenance


Technically, a redirector is software that sends an inquiry to to the appropriate folder in our hosting space. To find out more about that, please see "Domain Name Registration". If you opt to host your pages on our server without getting a unique domain registered, then your site will be at

We can subscribe you to one of the redirector services which give you a super short and easy to remember address such as "" This is a nice compromise if you want to use the free server space from your dialup and don't want to pay the big money to have your own domain name. You can either have this service free, with your visitors getting a pop-up window advertising this redirector service, or we can embed their banner ad on your page, or you can pay a small annual charge. We recommend the pop-up window.

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