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custom software solutions

The meat and potatoes of using computers is database programming. This we can do for your projects, using any number of the public domain languages, as well as the newer object oriented programs such as Visual C++ and Visual Basic. We can also develop specific solutions using SQL & ODBC, and of course can program in the more user friendly applications such as 4D and Paradox.


We can make full multimedia presentations using Director, Authorware,or even Persuasion, for anything from a presentation on CD for distribution or perhaps just an enhanced personal presentation. We can capture your sound and video, edit it, integrate it with custom graphics, and package it for you on cross platform readable CD, complete with printed CD, nice label inserts, shrink wrapped and everything. Or if you want to handle production yourself, we can send your color sep film and a master CD.

print layout

The internet is great, but we don't pretend that it has displaced traditional media. We're pretty good at that traditional media thing, having done quite a bit of print, from editorial to advertising. Unlike the nice college student who took a bunch of computer and design classes, we have years of professional experience turning ideas, slides and text into color separated CMYK film and proof, ready for your printer's press.

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