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making the site

look - colors, feel

Now that we've established some of the basics of what your site will have, we can start getting into the specifics. For starters, we need to establish a common idea of what colors are going to be used, since different names mean different things to different people. More importantly, different colors mean different things to different computers, so we have a color chart here of the basic 216 colors of the standard website browser palette. You will need to pick out your background colors, colors for text if you want that, and which color is closest to the one you use on your logo, and all that.

outline of info

Now, this is the hard part for you. You need to establish an outline of how you want your information presented. Just like the Roman numeral outlines your teachers wanted in school. The Big ticket Roman numeral items we will make into perpetual buttons that appear on each of your pages. The Capital letter secondary items will main sections, and so forth. Do your text first, and add in the graphics later. We will help you develop this outline. When we have a finalized outline, we can look at the overall picture and see if it answers the goals you have for your site.

It is so important that we really can't start doing anything until that outline is done. Once we have this outline, we can even write your copy, if you need it. And don't worry we can make it as formal and corporate as you want.

we do the rest

We do pretty much the rest from there. Generally, we like to have all the text finished before we start doing anything else. The first thing we'll do, once the text is all done is post your text on a temporary site online so you can look it over. We'll post all the work we've done pretty much daily so that you can check it whenever you want and give us feedback.

But, to give you an overall look into our design and authoring process, here are some of our additional criteria.

First and foremost, we want all of the sites we build to be fast loading. A site that takes too long to load is not a good one. A lot of internet users will simply skip over your site if it takes too long to load. If a long load time is inevitable, we know a few tricks to make the loadup more bearable.

Secondly, we make sure that your site is comprehensive and cohesive. We took care of most of that together when we got your outline finalized, and we will make sure that this organized presentation stays that way once it is cut up and presented in easily digestible sections.

There are other criteria that you can find out more about in the testing section. And if you're curious, yes, we do use SiteMill, FrontPage, GoLive Cyberstudio, Fireworks and some other web authoring software to get drafts together, but only for initial layout. The majority of our coding is done the hard way, by hand, using text editors like BBedit and HomeSite. Comes out much better that way. The graphics are all done on very hotrodded, albeit slightly older Macintosh PowerPCs, as is the text and HTML. However, the scripting is completed on an NT/Linux loaded Pentium.

However, getting the site built, tested and posted is only the first part of integrating a website into your marketing and PR. You need to launch the site, and we'll help you.

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