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DotcomPH is an internet marketing company. A website is just a part of your public relations and advertising efforts, and we are here to help make sure that your site effectively exploits the technology. After all, for some businesses the internet offers the most effective advertising possible. But above all, it has to be integrated into an overall vision to work at it's best.

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Our design team knows that this is our mission, and is prepared to deliver the level of service that you might pay thousands of dollars for from the ritzy website design houses. But we're in the Philippines, and we charge thousands of pesos instead. They're much smaller, you see. You'll be pleasantly surprised when you see our rates. Our basic charge is only $50 per hour.

The Philippines is the #1 location for outsourcing of cel animation for American cartoon companies. This holds true, despite the fact that such animation can now be done for even less money in Vietnam and Malaysia. The difference here is that Filipinos speak English, and perhaps more importantly, we get the jokes. The Philippines enjoys a culture very closely related to America.

We are confident that we can develop your website for you via mostly email and maybe a few zip discs. If we weren't, it would not speak well for the goals of our service, which is to help you communicate with the internet. We are constantly refining our work flow processes, staying on top of new developments, striving for efficiency, and yet somehow we keep it fun and interesting.

After we've made your site, we will help you launch it right so that it can start doing things for you. We'll customize a maintenance plan that fits your needs so that it keeps working for you. And of course, we have unlimited email support. offers cutting edge hosting services that among other things allow secure encrypted transactions so your customers can pay online.

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DotcomPH - Global Quality Website Design, Filipino Prices