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It's a good idea to keep updating your site, to keep the copy fresh and compelling. This will keep people coming to your site, not just visiting once. We don't have a fixed update fee, unlike some website design companies which backload their prices with ill-defined maintenance fees. While we're making your site, we'll work with you to determine an optimal update schedule, and give you a price based on our basic charge of $50 per hour.


your server

When you get your dialup account, you usually get an email name and a certain amount of storage space to maintain a website. If you happen to be in the Philippines, that space is virtually useless, since it is on a low speed computer with a thin link to the nearest major connection. It may be served by the same overworked server computer that is processing everyone's email and their browsing. It's free, but if you really want people to look at your site, it's not such a good situation.
This is somewhat true for some of the smaller dialup services in the US. Most small ISP's "partition" their access to the internet so that the bandwidth available for internet traffic is more than 90% dedicated to incoming data. If someone is trying to look at your site from another server, the data that your site is trying to feed out is in that much smaller portion of the available bandwidth. In other words, your site's visitors get slow feeds. Not a good thing.
However, it is free space, and you can park your site there. Your URL will look something like Just email the and find out the FTP number, user ID, and password and we'll take it from there.

our server

We are an authorized reseller of Hosting Services International, because in our book, HSI offers the most hosting muscle for your money. In contrast with most Filipino ISPs, which have only one or two E-1 lines (2Mbp each), HSI has two DS3 lines, one to UUnet, and one to Nap nodes, along with 7 backup T1 lines, or more bandwidth than the entire Philippines at this point. Backed up with dual Pentium II 44mhz servers with 400MB of SDRAM, this means that if you host your site with us, it's as fast as anything else on the market. Period.

With HSI, we can offer true encrypted data transfer, which means you can assure your customers that their purchases are completely secure. If you are doing retail on your site we support Shopping carts and CyberCash.

We offer full streaming audio and video, if you're ready for it, and can offer any number of powerful features to your site, such as chat rooms, mailing list support, bulletin boards, guestbooks, hit counters with advanced visitor analysis, additional email accounts, search engines, and basically anything that anyone else is offering - at a better price.

Our account features unlimited traffic free, so you never pay a penny for hits. 24 hour FTP and Telnet means we can update your site continuously, and all data is backed up daily.

geocities / angelfire / tripod

If you are doing a personal website or a non-commercial site, you can have it hosted on one of the free website services. They're pretty good, and the price you pay is just having advertising windows pop up every time a visitor opens a window on that site.


If you really want to have your site hosted by another server, then we will load it there for you. The best places to start your host computer search are and But then again, we shopped long and hard for our server and we think it's the best deal going right now. However, if you encounter problems caused by that server, we'll start charging hourly rates to fix things...


We resell hosting space at the nominal price of $5 per meg per month. Unless you do a searchable database online, it is unlikely that you will be using more than 2 megs. We strive to make all of our work quick loading, which means that your files stay small. Our process are based on quarterly prepayment, although we discount 12 months prepayment at 10 months. We do not charge for user file transfers.

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