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Frequently Asked Questions

Q What exactly is a page?
A: Our definition of a page is what fits on a full computer screen. This means, by the way, a standard small screen, which for you techies is 600 x 480 pixels. If it's text, then that means about a letter sized paged, double spaced, 12 point New York. Honestly, if your page is a bit longer than that, we won't charge extra. If it's just plain text that makes it longer, it can scroll down several pages and we still won't charge you any extra.

Q: What about registering my site with 200 or 650 search engines?
A: The top ten are really the only ones that matter. Many of those search engines are not used by many people. For instance, I am a hard core surfer, and at most I use thirty search engines. However, if you want to get registered with a lot more search engines just in case, we can do that for you, too! We routinely submit all webpages we design to about 15 search engines. For Filipinos sites, we also list your sites on Yehey, and during the course of our competitive research for you, we may encounter specialized search engines just for your industry and we will list your site with them, too.

Q: Hey, after you made my site, I got a lot of email saying that it was not ranking well in the search engines! What's up with that?
A: There are companies on the net that specialize in squeezing few bucks out of new website owners, many of them not offering much than we already include in your design package. However, if you're concerned about it, please read this note by Shari Thurow.

Q: What about frames?
A: Frames cause problems on a lot of browsers, so we aren't crazy about them. But if you really want them, we can put them on your page. Whatever you want - customer is king.

Q: What about space requirements? How many megabytes do I get?
A: Good websites load quickly because they are small. We know all the tricks to make your site look great without loading it with big images that make people decide not to surf your page. Most sites won't exceed 1 megabyte, 3 at the outside unless you have a database online. My personal site has 50 pages and takes less than 1 meg, so don't worry about space. ; )

Q: I don't have internet service yet - what about setting up our computers and our lines and modems and all that?
A: Actually, that's a whole other ball of wax. Our primary service is the website itself, and internet service is a complete other business. However, we will help you pick an internet service and once you're online we'll help you become more internet savvy. If you can read this, you're practically halfway there.

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