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Our experience is a combination of extensive work in print, some video production, lots of programming, and plenty of old fashioned retail oriented business, which all lend themselves to internet publishing. We still do prepress print work, some database programming, and we still end up fixing all of our friends computers for some reason. We can do 3-D animation and make interactive multimedia presentations, but our focus is in the ever-evolving internet. It's where the action is.



Paul Peczon - Manager

Paul Peczon has been using computers since the bad old days of Xedit and FORTRAN on mainframes. He cut his teeth on a Tandy TRS-80, learned and then forgot UNIX on DEC Vaxclusters, became a DOS wizard with his copy of Qdos, and then fell into the disgrace of being a Mac weenie. Along the way he spent several years managing construction projects and in completely different vein also spent several years writing freelance, mostly for motorcycle magazines. He was an early internet user, struggling through those clunky old bulletin board systems, and used PINE and ELM for email with the few people that were online, academic folks and people at Bolt Beranek and Newman. He has read all the documentation on all the boring technical sites that explain how the search engine algorithms work and all that. Recently, he managed the DPSI service bureau (doing color separation, fixing mistakes from ad agencies, etc.) and Apple Image Factory, which did video production shooting Betacam SP and digital editing using an Avid. Paul has a BS in Industrial Engineering and Operations research from the University of Massachusetts and an MBA from UCLA.

To see Paul's personal website, click here.

To email Paul, click here.


Abraham Rey M. Acosta

Abraham Acosta created web pages, gratis, for the different offices and institutions of UP Diliman. He is hoping to graduate with a degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering from the same university. Abe is seriously into the study of computer and social systems believing that both have a lot in common like communicating, sharing, and networking with each other, except for one: Society can't seem to follow BASIC instructions.

Aside from learning computers, Abe is active in social issues like trying to create algorithms that can root out the cause of poverty and eliminate corrupt congressmen.

To see Abe's personal website, click here. To email Abe, click here.


Charo Joaquin Villegas

Charo is hardly ever in the office but we look forward to seeing her because she is the fun one. Charo knows just about everyone in town, and moreover knows all the secret places to get the best food in Manila. Since Charo is our marketing person, she has an expense account. Ask her about it.

To read Charo's resume, click here To contact her directly, click here.


Bobby Flores - Artist

Robert "Bobby" Flores earned a degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts from Far Eastern University. He remembers as a kid copying characters in comic books, drawing neighbors houses, modeling "E.T." out of clay and having awed uncles and friends wonder how he did it at such a young age. He honed his skills in high school during boring lectures, taking out a pen and sketching the teacher and cute classmates. He then wasted four years taking up Electrical Engineering before realizing that he preferred holding a brush and putting oil, acrylic and watercolor on a canvass, paper, wood and glass Early on he got addicted to digital technology, persuading his groupmates to use computers to animate a TV commercial, which resulted in an award for best thesis. His first job was in a prepress department of a computer company, where he got more training and was delighted to get a Macintosh 7200/120 with 2 Gig 48 megs, which in the Philippines is a lot sweeter than most have access to. This was on a LAN which meant getting hooked up to the Internet and getting caught in the world wide web. Today he's on a 9150 and uses the mouse as his brush, with a monitor as a canvass with a keyboard for a palette.

To email Bob, click here.


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