Welcome to dot.com.ph. We're here to let you take 	
advantage of the Philippines Peso depreciation in the great southeast asia 	
devaluation. Bottom line- we offer our services based on just $10 an hour. 	
You'd be lucky to find a kid to mow your lawn for that. But we're here where a 	
pack of cigarettes costs about 35 cents. We can do Active Server Programming 	
(ASP) sites, SQL online databases, JavaScript and of course HTML. Our websites 	
may be inexpensive, but they're not just cheap websites. We're just a little 	
tiny company, but between us we have a degree in electrical engineering, one 	
industrial engineering person, a fine arts degree, and even one of those MBAs. 	
We're all netheads, and we're all very conscious that this website business is 	
about making money. Sure, we recognize that the jaded internet user of today 	
demands sharp, fast loading graphics, a bit of animation on screen, and easy 	
interactivity and well planned navigation. We'll guide you through your online 	
competitive research, and help make sure the website design process is as 	
smooth as possible. Of course, making a website is just the start of it all. We 	
will help you launch your website onto the internet communicty with a staged 	
publicity barrage. We can inexpensivey host your site on our dedicated server 	
with a T1 to UUnet , another T-1 to MCI, and seven backup T-3 lines. We can 	
provide secure SSL transaction servers, cybercash, and online shopping carts. 	
World class website publishing at Filippino prices.  
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